Masters of the Universe


Daniel Kadlec, financial columnist for TIME magazine, lines up nine of the biggest dealmakers of our era and profiles the most important deal of each man’s career. He keeps most of the focus on the transactions themselves, but also tries to attach a human face to business-page staples like Carl Icahn, Hugh McColl, and Sumner Redstone. He succeeds, to an extent; we come away at least with a feeling of what it’s like to engage in conversation with these corporate titans. For example, there’s a rather chilling encounter with Icahn that helps illustrate why he was such a cold-blooded success as a corporate-takeover artist.

Posted in Books on July, 2016


Right About Money

Dan Kadlec is the founder and editor of Right About Money, a media platform that powers financial literacy. Right About Money informs global thought leaders, policymakers, and educators about trends in financial education, and advances their understanding of how best to boost personal money skills. At Right About Money, we...

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