How Money Worries Keep Half of Us Awake at Night

Near-term money issues outflank even health, career and relationship worries Half of people ages 35 and older stay awake at night worried about their finances, a new study shows. That’s more than those kept up by concerns over their…

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Why a $2 Trillion Tax Bill Is Coming Due for Baby Boomers

The oldest boomers turn 70½ on July 1, triggering required withdrawals. Uncle Sam has been waiting a long time for this big tax payoff. It starts this year, as the oldest baby boomers hit age 70½ on July 1…

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Expand Social Security? Trustees Say Solvency Remains the Issue

In their annual report, Social Security trustees say the program will be insolvent in 2034. Medicare Part A even sooner. In an election year that has voters and candidates debating whether Social Security benefits can or should be expanded,…

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Right About Money

Dan Kadlec is the founder and editor of Right About Money, a media platform that powers financial literacy. Right About Money informs global thought leaders, policymakers, and educators about trends in financial education, and advances their understanding of how best to boost personal money skills. At Right About Money, we...

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